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Terrifying Manhattan Beach Pier shark attack caught on video

Saturday, a long-distance swimmer was bitten by a Great White shark in the waters off Manhattan Beach Pier in Los Angeles. The unnamed victim reportedly suffered a bite to his rib cage area and was last described as being in stable condition.

Early Sunday, video surfaced of the attack. In the video, fishermen celebrate after hooking the shark, and become even more amused after realizing that a swimmer has gotten into an encounter with the animal.

It soon dawns on the giggling idiots that the swimmer may actually have been bitten by the shark. They then become very worried about the safety of the other swimmers and begin shouting for people to get out of the water.

A lifeguard at the scene explained that the shark probably bit the swimmer as a result of being hooked (via LA Times):

He was trying to get off the line. He was agitated and was probably biting everything in his way and then the swimmer swam right into the shark’s line.

Sharks are often sighted in the vicinity of the pier but attacks are reportedly rare. Once again, we learn that it is a terrible idea to ever go in the ocean. Ever. For any reason.

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