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UFC 175 results: Chris Weidman defeats Lyoto Machida via unanimous decision to retain Middleweight title

Chris Weidman vs. Lyoto Machida (Middleweight Championship)

Round 1: Both men come out feeling one another out, and Weidman opens up with two kicks. Weidman tries a few times to charge in on Machida, which could be dangerous. Machida goes for the kick with the left leg, but Weidman catches it and takes him down for a split second.

Weidman gets right back to work and lands a nice kick to the lower leg, followed by a left jab to the chin of Machida. He’s definitely keeping the pressure on Machida throughout this first round. Weidman goes for the lower leg kick again, but Machida counters with a left to the jaw.

Machida definitely looks rattled by the pressure from Weidman, just as Silva was. In the final seconds of the round, Weidman goes for a huge right hand and Machida was just able to get out of the way.

Round 2: Machida comes right out and hits the inside leg kick. Weidman just keeps attacking on the offensive, throwing Machida off his rhythm. Machida finally comes back again with a nice kick to the lower leg. The more they stand, the more Machida is getting comfortable.

Lyoto lands a nice left hand over the top with about a minute left in the round, but Weidman counters that with a take down against the fence. Weidman starts to pound Machida up against the cage. He gets him in a front face lock and lands a few knees to end the second round.

Round 3: Weidman comes out and lands a jab early, then tries to go for the take down. but Machida gets away. With about three minutes to go, Weidman gets the take down, but he can’t get any offense going while on top. Machida is able to power his way out.

After they’re back to their feet, Weidman lands a nice combination to the face, and Machida is cut. He starts landing a few more punches, Machida counters with a knee to the body, but is quickly taken down my Weidman.

With 45 seconds to go in the round, Weidman has control on the ground and starts pounding away, but Machida is able to get away, despite being a bloody mess at this point.

Round 4: Machida, all cleaned up now, lands two left kicks to the body of Weidman shortly after the round gets underway, and Weidman answers with a knee of his own. Out of nowhere, Machida lands a nice, clean left hook to Weidman that rattles him a bit and then he catches him once more, backing the champ up.

Lyoto tags hims a few more time and Weidman goes on the defensive. He now starts landing more of the kicks to the body, followed up by another left hand to the face. He definitely has Weidman guessing now.

Machida finishes the round in tremendous fashion with one more kick to the body and a huge left to the jaw.

Round 5: Right out to start things off, Machida comes with the kicks and rattles Weidman. He comes with the punches again, controlling the center of the octagon. He lands another huge left hand over the top with about three minutes left. Then, he gets Weidman up against the cages and lands a few more shots.

Weidman comes back with a huge right hand. After a missed kick by Machida, the two trade blows in the center once again. They tangle up again and Weidman lands a huge elbow to Lyoto that busts him up some more.

After some more trading, Weidman gets the take down with under two minutes left to try and preserve the win.

With 30 seconds left, Machida gets up and starts throwing. He gets Weidman up against the cage and starts firing away, but time runs out.

Simply amazing title fight, and now we go to the cards.

Winner: Chris Weidman via unanimous decision (49-45, 48-47, 49-46)

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