Battlefield 4 latest DLC leaked?

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Electronic Arts may be gnashing its teeth a bit at whichever Origin employee was running the official Twitter account this morning.  Battlefield 4 was long marred by a lackluster online experience thanks to EA releasing a game that just was clearly not yet ready for the market.  However, in the time since, things have changed, and the experience has grown to new heights.

As Battlefield 4 has watched its community continue to grow online, the added downloadable content still slated for the title has been in high demand.  Thanks to a tweet that has since been edited, it looks like gamers may actually have that long-awaited DLC sooner rather than later.

Dragon’s Teeth, the title of the next DLC for Battlefield 4 is slated to release at some point this summer.  MP1ST captured the tweet sent out initially by the Origin account, and it clearly states that Dragon’s Teeth will be headed to gamers on July 15.  Only those with premium versions of Battlefield 4 will get access to the DLC then, with everyone else getting Dragon’s Teeth on July 29.

Since then, the tweet has been changed to remove any mention of a release date.

In Dragon’s Teeth, Battlefield 4 gamers will get four new multiplayer maps, along with five new weapons, a ballistic shield, and a handful more of goodies.

Regardless of being a premium member or not, it sure looks as if Battlefield 4 gamers won’t have to wait too much longer in order to be able to hop into Dragon’s Teeth and enjoy the next package of DLC.


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