Chloe Grace Moretz as Mia Hall in "If I Stay." Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Have the best day of your life in new trailer for If I Stay (Video)

Mia Hall is faced with the toughest decision in her life after experiencing the best day of her life in the new film If I Stay.

Life is not always what you expect it to be. Sometimes it is happy, others it is sad, but without these events, one would not be living, but merely surviving.

At many points and time, people say that they have just had the best day of their life, but how many times is that really true; when you find the one moment in your life when everything changed?

For Mia Hall, that day was the night of the bonfire.

She had always believed the cello to be a solo instrument, which according to her is what drew her to the instrument.

However, at a bonfire one night, her family and friends helped her to realize that the music it creates could bring her closer than she has ever been to achieving true happiness.

Unfortunately, what started out as a family drive turns into something much more horrible. After the car accident, Mia finds herself in a coma. Now, she is faced with a decision no one should ever have to make.

Now, she will make a decision that will change her life forever; does she stay in this world and pursue the life in front of her, or does she slip away forever?

Here is a look at the new trailer for the upcoming drama If I Stay.


If I Stay will be the feature film debut for director R.J. Cutler. The screenplay was adapted by Shauna Cross.

The film stars Kick-Ass actress Chloë Grace Moretz as Mia Hall. If I Stay also stars Sabotage actress Mireille Enos, The Blair Witch Project actor Joshua Leonard, Jamie Blackley, Liana Liberato, Aisha Hinds, Jakob Davies, and many more.

If I Stay is scheduled to be released on August 22, 2014.

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