Dave Chappelle gives his thoughts on Donald Sterling (Video)

How many times over the past few years have we thought to ourselves, “Damn, I wish Dave Chappelle was around to make jokes about this.” But no matter how hard we wished for it, Chappelle never appeared. He remained in his self-imposed exile from the entertainment biz, his voice silenced, his wit withheld.

But lo and behold, those dark times are over and now Chappelle is back. And just in time to take on the Donald Sterling controversy! Hark, is that Chappelle I hear, making scathing jokes about Donald Sterling?

Yes. Thanks to this surreptitiously-made recording of a recent show at Radio City Music Hall, we have Chappelle’s thoughts on Sterling. How appropriate that the video of Chappelle should have been made in secret. Just like the Sterling tape.

Chappelle’s particular brand of sardonic wit is greatly in evidence here as he picks apart the whole Sterling situation. Nobody’s brain works like Chappelle’s. Nobody comes at things from the same angle as Chappelle.

Once Chappelle takes on a subject, it’s his. He owns it. Whether that subject be crack, hos, Donald Sterling or what have you.

Glad to have you back Chappelle. Can’t wait for your takes on LeBron.

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