Limited Batman: Arkham Origins figure to debut

Batman has long been one of the most prolific comic book super heroes of all time.  As the genre transitioned from comic books to the big screen, the series grew even further.  As Batman made his debut in realistic looking video games, the series exploded.  Now, Batman: Arkham Origins will be coming to life a bit further yet.

With Batman: Arkham Origins being one of the most successful video game titles on last generation gaming systems, Square Enix and Warner Bros want to make sure they are giving fans every last bit of Batman nostalgia they can offer.

In the coming weeks (July 24-27 to be exact) San Diego will once again play host to gaming and comic book convention, Comic Con.  It is the desire of Warner Bros. and Square Enix, to put Batman in the spotlight during the convention.

A grand total of 1,000 limited edition Batman: Arkham Origins figurines will be made for sale.  The posable figurines will feature a Batarang, gun, and display stand, as well as a beautifully designed, metallic colored version of the Dark Knight himself.

The figures will retail for $99.99 and 500 of them will be made available for purchase at San Diego Comic Con.  The remaining 500 figures will be available for pre-order directly from Square Enix’s website, and will ship on August 11.

Here’s your chance to get your hands on one of the most beautifully crafted video game figurines of recent memory.  With such a limited quantity, as well as the high demand that the Batman name brings, I don’t expect these to last long.


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