Lumberjacks save bear with head stuck in milk can (Video)

Lumberjacks are mostly known for appearing in Monty Python sketches, but there’s a lot more to lumberjacking than just singing silly songs about cross-dressing on classic British comedy shows. Sometimes lumberjacks are also called upon to rescue animals who’ve gotten their heads stuck in milk cans.

The bear in the above video got his giant ursine cranium wedged inside an old milk can, but lucky for him there were some lumberjacks in the vicinity who heard his muffled cries – or maybe smelled his fear on the wind – and came running with their giant-ass piece of lumberjack equipment.

Using their incredibly well-developed skill at manipulating large, seemingly unwieldy pieces of machinery, the lumberjacks were able to get hold of the milk can and pull it off the distressed bear’s head. Thanks to the efforts of these noble lumberjacks, there is one less bear in the world with his head stuck in a milk can.

They’re lumberjacks and they’re okay. Very okay. Especially to bears. If bears had bars, those guys would never have to pay for their own drinks in a bear bar again. But bears don’t have bars, they just drink from streams and stuff. And eat garbage. They’re kind of gross. And stupid.

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