A new Captain America is coming this fall

Captain America isn’t going to be back in movie theaters until next summer in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and it won’t be until 2016 that we see him again in a solo flick. In the comics, though, there’s a big change coming even sooner than that, as someone other than Steve Rogers will be taking over the role this fall.

It’s not the first time this has happened, as several different men have officially carried the shield in the pages of Marvel comics since Captain America was created in the early 40s. But due to the machinations of a villain called the Iron Nail, Rogers has had the Super Soldier Serum that gave him his peak physical condition and uncanny longevity taken away from him, leaving his still-sharp mind in the body of a 90-year old man.

Rick Remender, who writes the Captain America comic, confirmed today that Rogers won’t be able to carry on in his famous role for the time being — this is comics, so the chances of a significant disruption to the status quo getting reversed approach 100 percent over time — so he’ll be handing off the title to someone else. It could be his good friend Sam Wilson, better known as the high-flying Falcon, Clint Barton, who does the super hero thing already as Hawkeye, or someone else entirely.

Captain America #23, which goes on sale on August, is expected to set the field of candidates. It would be a surprise if the substitute stays in the role past the time the next Avengers movie comes out, but you never know.

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