Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth details revealed

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Yesterday, thanks to some amateurism by the Origin Twitter account, Battlefield 4 fans were treated to some exciting information surrounding the next Battlefield 4 expansion, Dragon’s Teeth.  Now with the cat out of the bag, it only makes sense for Electronic Arts to unveil all the gooey details surrounding the latest expansion.

As noted yesterday, Premium Battlefield 4 members will get access to Dragon’s Teeth on July 15, ahead of non premium members.  Also for premium members, their access to Dragon’s Teeth will be free of charge.

First off, the new multiplayer maps; there are four of them.  Lumphini Garden is a tranquil park and canal area, Pearl Market profiles as a marketplace with multiple height levels, Propaganda is an industrial scene with statues, and Sunken Dragon features high rises and a floating restaurant.

Outside of new maps, the new expansion includes 5 all new weapons as well.  A ballistic shield becomes a new unlockable gadget for Battlefield 4 in Dragon’s Teeth.  A new game mode, Chain Link is being introduced also.  Chain Link will take cues from Conquest and focus on capturing points as well.  Finally, a new vehicle, R.A.W.R.,  will be playable.

If you are not yet a premium member in Battlefield 4, you won’t have to wait too long, as Dragon’s Teeth will be made available on July 29 for a price point of $15.

Battlefield 4 is currently available on both previous generation systems as well as current generation systems.  Regardless of your system, Battlefield 4 continuous effort to improve upon a botched release is a nice touch.

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  • oo7PorscheMGS

    Sorry for the formatting of this comment – I am cut/pasting it from another article I commented in.

    8 months after the game comes out, they
    allow players to join a squad and join the
    server they want to join together. Baby steps I
    guess. I bought a ps4 with BF4 just a month
    ago because I figured by now BF4 would have
    its $hit together..but there are still problems-

    -In main menu, it shows only 1 friend in a
    server while on my ps4 friends list I see more
    than 1 person playing bf4 online…. this has
    made joining friends a HUGE hassle…having
    to message them and try to figure out / find
    the server on my own through the server
    browser, since the “join friend” thing is still
    broken. Big enough of an issue that I stopped
    getting on BF4.. there’s no point in getting on
    to play with teammates if you cant join your
    teammates, is there? Lol.. and Ill try this new
    squad join patch but the fact still remains that
    there needs to be a non broken way to join
    friends that are ALREADY in a server. The
    main way I join a friend right now is by
    messaging them, waiting for a response….and
    then searching for that server (which usually
    takes more than a few minutes even with
    searching filters), and then trying to get on the
    same team / same squad which is yet another
    struggle. It’s insane. This game could have
    been SO much better if it was fully thought

    -Why was the option for setting the mics to
    “whole team” instead of just your “squad”
    taken away from BF4 compared to BF3? A real
    team / clan has more than 5 people and they
    want / NEED to be able to communicate with
    each other so they can coordinate… why cant I
    call out the enemy to my teammate just
    because hes in a different “squad”? Why cant I
    tell my whole team “alright guys, we need to
    work TOGETHER and send MANY people to
    THIS objective” …long story short….a war
    game needs to be about TEAM
    communication – and that is VERY lacking on

    -There should be an option / mode only for
    people with headsets on. This will help with
    some of the SEVERE lack of teamwork. Those
    of us who want to actually coordinate and play
    smart / win could join these headset only

    -The other thing that is keeping me from
    playing BF4 as much as I thought I would is
    the fact that the AIM ASSIST in this game is
    even more strong than it was in BF3…it feels
    like theyre dumbing this game down to attract
    the COD crowd and casual players. I am
    currently making a video for youtube about
    how aim assist / radar / so many assists are
    ruining the challenge and the BEAUTY of
    competitive shooters.

    -At the very LEAST, aim assist should NOT be
    an “option” in “HARDCORE” mode!

    -Oh, and 8 months after the game comes out, I
    start to play the 1 player story and 3 days later
    my 1 player game save was deleted. Bugs like
    this should have been tested EA, instead of
    rushing this game out to make a quick buck
    and compete with Call of Nooby. Respect the
    artform..or gamers will start to see and call
    out the BS more and more.

    -I know for sure I will be recommending all my
    friends to not buy BF: Hardline ….for many
    reasons…MANY of them the SAME EXACT
    reasons / problems that BF4 had and still has
    to this day. You really have some balls to
    release a “new” game when your last game is
    still incomplete and was a ripoff to those of us
    who actually want to play the game how it
    was meant to be played – as a competitive

    -The VERY least DICE / EA could have done
    was give 1 of the DLC’s away for free OR AT
    LEAST reduce the price of 1 to show fans how
    sorry they are for releasing such a broken /incomplete / poorly thought out and executed
    game. The fact that EA / DICE have NOT done
    ANYthing to say sorry to fans gives PRIOR
    FANS like me the IMPRESSION that they have
    no respect for us. I have no respect for people
    that run their business like that, and I’ll be
    spreading this message because I don’t think
    I’m the only one who wants to see MUCH
    better team/skill based games instead of this
    silly bs.

    Battlefield could be / could have been SO
    much better. It’s a shame because the physics
    / destruction are beautiful….but a game is
    more than an engine. It’s about community,
    teamwork, social features, a game that
    requires skill from players instead of making
    all players “good” because of assists…all of
    these things are broken in BF4.