Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth details revealed

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Yesterday, thanks to some amateurism by the Origin Twitter account, Battlefield 4 fans were treated to some exciting information surrounding the next Battlefield 4 expansion, Dragon’s Teeth.  Now with the cat out of the bag, it only makes sense for Electronic Arts to unveil all the gooey details surrounding the latest expansion.

As noted yesterday, Premium Battlefield 4 members will get access to Dragon’s Teeth on July 15, ahead of non premium members.  Also for premium members, their access to Dragon’s Teeth will be free of charge.

First off, the new multiplayer maps; there are four of them.  Lumphini Garden is a tranquil park and canal area, Pearl Market profiles as a marketplace with multiple height levels, Propaganda is an industrial scene with statues, and Sunken Dragon features high rises and a floating restaurant.

Outside of new maps, the new expansion includes 5 all new weapons as well.  A ballistic shield becomes a new unlockable gadget for Battlefield 4 in Dragon’s Teeth.  A new game mode, Chain Link is being introduced also.  Chain Link will take cues from Conquest and focus on capturing points as well.  Finally, a new vehicle, R.A.W.R.,  will be playable.

If you are not yet a premium member in Battlefield 4, you won’t have to wait too long, as Dragon’s Teeth will be made available on July 29 for a price point of $15.

Battlefield 4 is currently available on both previous generation systems as well as current generation systems.  Regardless of your system, Battlefield 4 continuous effort to improve upon a botched release is a nice touch.

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