This is happening: Sharknado: The Video Game

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From the “this was bound to happen eventually” file comes this announcement: developer Other Ocean and publisher Majesco Entertainment are working on Sharknado: The Video Game. It’s being called an infinite runner, which makes sense any time there are sharks flying around propelled by tornadoes, and is being designed for iOS devices.

As in the strangely viral low budget TV movie of the same name, Sharknado: The Video Game will task players with destroying sharks whirling around in tornadoes. If nothing else, there’s some serious truth in titling going on.

You want specifics? Here are a few things you can expect to do:

  • Run through the streets of Manhattan wielding a broadsword
  • Bounce off the backs of tiger sharks to reach higher ground (kids, don’t try this at home!)
  • Feed buckets of fish to angry sharks to avoid dying (always a good idea)
  • Surf New York’s flooded avenues, avoiding hammerhead stampedes
  • Fly into the heart of the sharknado clutching tightly to a chainsaw

Wow. Designer Frank Cifaldi had this to add in the press release announcement:

When Majesco approached us about making a Sharknado game, we said ‘yes’ before they’d even finished asking. The game we came up with is very much in the spirit of the films: ridiculous, overblown, yet oddly sincere. We can’t wait for fans to sink their teeth into it.

Before you make any comments about this game missing the proper time to cash in on the movie mania, it’s worth noting that Sharknado 2: The Second One is due out on July 30. Make of that what you will, and look for the mobile game to show up on the iOS App Store soon.

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