NBC’s Brian Williams talks Bachelorette with Seth Meyers

When NBC’s Tom Brokaw stepped down from hosting NBC Nightly News there was a lot of people wondering how his replacement Brian Williams would fare. Truth be told the transitions so many years ago has been seamless and Williams has become a trusted voice on American news television.

Williams has never been one to avoid the occasional poke of humor in his own direction so while his news broadcasts are serious, there is a playful side to Williams that tends to come out from time to time. Such was the case when Williams talked with Seth Meyer on NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers.

The topic of the NBC series The Bachelorette came up and Williams was quick to let the audience and Meyers know that he does indeed watch the show. What’s funny about the clip below is how he discusses the show with his typical Brian Williams serious news tone.

Williams talks about his daughters invitation only viewing party of the show and the fact the he and his wife are rookies to the party and therefore can not speak during the telecast. At one point Meyers suggested that Williams could be the host of the reality show to which Williams replied, “There are some things I cannot do with a straight face.” The Bachelorette airs for two hours every Monday night. You can see Williams talk about it below. It’s actually quite funny.

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