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New Guild Wars 2 video teases Season 2, Episode 2

ArenaNet sure knows how to build up anticipation and suspense for each new addition to the Guild Wars 2 Living World. The way the game’s content updates are organized is very similar to the way a serialized TV show operates, making it no surprise that the unfolding story of Tyria is arranged in seasons and episodes.

The next update is the second episode of Season 2, and it’s entitled “Entanglement” for reasons that should become obvious once you watch the teaser video below. A new area called Dry Top has been revealed, hiding secrets that are sure to surprise even the most experienced GW2 players.

You’ve got to love that tag line too: “Evil Grows” indeed.

Entanglement goes live on Tuesday, July 15. You can read up on the first episode of Season 2, “Gates of Maguuma,” as well as synopses of everything that happened during the eventful first season, online at the Guild Wars 2 Living World hub.

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