Titanfall Frontier's Edge DLC Announced

When Titanfall dropped for the Microsoft Xbox One, both Respawn as well as Microsoft sat hoping they had just unearthed a system seller.  As it stands now, not only has Titanfall been a massive hit on the Xbox One, but it has been on the Xbox 360 and PC as well.  Today, Respawn Entertainment announced Titanfall: Frontier’s Edge, the newest DLC for the shooter.

Frontier’s Edge checks in as the second of three planned downloadable content packages for the game, and it is set to include three all new multiplayer maps.

With Frontier’s Edge, gamers will be able to get their hands on Dig Site, Haven, and Export.  Dig Site is set as an isolated mining outpost while Haven sets gamers up on a beach resort type setting.  Finally, Export is a mining hub on a mountainside.  At this point, Respawn Entertainment has not yet unveiled a release date, but Frontier’s Edge will run gamers $9.99.

Titanfall released the first of the three DLC packages, Expedition, back in May.  That package too retailed at $9.99 and gave gamers access to all new multiplayer maps.

Out now on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC there is sure to be a large community of mech loving gamers ready to get on with Frontier’s Edge.  At a price point just shy of $10, it’s almost a no brainer to hop on with the new maps and continue to increase the longevity of the game.  Let us know if you’re excited about more Titanfall and whether or not you’ll be picking up Frontier’s Edge.

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