Yoga coach gives us sexiest ceremonial first pitch ever (Video)

A yoga instructor was called upon to throw out the first pitch at a recent baseball game in Taiwan, but the young lady did much more than just throw the baseball to the plate. She performed an entire yoga routine that ended with her tearing off her jersey.

At last, someone combined yoga, striptease and the ceremonial first pitch. It’s about frigging time.

You had to figure, if this particular combination ever did happen, it would first happen in Asia. Baseball in Asian countries is a little sexier than American baseball. They’re a little less hesitant to combine baseball and sexiness over there.

I would like to think we will one day see this kind of thing in America but I’m not getting my hopes up. America is a little too uptight for the ceremonial first pitch yoga routine/striptease. We’ll have to settle for the same boring old first pitches. Ex-ballplayers, politicians, random celebrities.

A rapper occasionally suffering some comic mishap.

Congratulations, prudes of America. You are holding back the natural evolution of the ceremonial first pitch from boring baseball ritual to titillating display of female flexibility. Proud of yourselves?

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