Jan 7, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Notre Dame Fighting Irish linebacker Manti Te

Jeopardy! makes fun of Notre Dame for blow out loss to Alabama

Regis Philbin is going to want a word with his old buddy Alex Trebek after this big time Jeopardy! diss of Notre Dame.

“This school needed a lot more than the luck of the Irish taking on Alabama in the BCS title game in 2013, falling 42-14.”

Jeopardy! writers can be such a-holes sometimes. I hope Manti Te’o wasn’t watching. He probably started crying again.

Come on Jeopardy!, can’t Notre Dame be allowed to live that down? Yes, we know, they had no business being on the field with Alabama. That was like varsity vs. JV that day.

Thank goodness that we’ll never have to witness another such lopsided beat down in a championship game again. All the games will be tight now that the playoff system has been implemented. With the BCS out of the picture, we’ll never have to see a team like Notre Dame elevated to undeserved contender status by a biased system again.

I’m sure the playoff system will work flawlessly and always end up crowning a deserving, non-controversial champion. No doubt about it.

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