MLB: 15 most underpaid players in baseball

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One great thing about baseball, indeed all North American sports, is the transparency with which financial records are divulged to the public. Every contract is announced in grand fashion, allowing fans to debate its merits and inevitable flaws. Often, in barroom discussions, we fixate on the most ‘overpaid’ players; those guys who, once in receipt of a gargantuan salary, fail to perform at a level commensurate to such an investment. As fans, we become enraged when a ballplayer receives a franchise-altering pact, only to struggle with health, hunger or performance. The long history of baseball is littered with such cases, and many column inches have been dedicated to the matter.

However, we rarely fixate on the players who aren’t receiving what their performance deserves. For every pampered, greedy star luxuriating in cash whilst dawdling through the league, there is a passionate fighter far outperforming his measly wage.

The underpaid stars, the unsung heroes, and the undervalued leaders deserve more praise. Rather than endlessly moaning about the expensive failures in baseball, we should celebrate the cheap scrappers, the bargain basement success stories, and the guys who provide plenty of bank for their owners’ buck.

If you look close enough, the Majors are awash with players earning far less than their performance deserves. Whilst it’s unfair to include pre-arbitration eligible ballplayers, we must focus more on the franchise icons tied to team-friendly deals and the future megastars earning a relative pittance.

Without further adieu, here are the fifteen most underpaid players in Major League Baseball today.

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