New Game of Thrones special effect video

Game of Thrones led all shows in Emmy nominations this morning with a total of 19. We all expected Peter Dinklage to get an Emmy nod as well as Lena Headey for her portrayal as Cersei Lannister. We also knew that the show would get nominated for many of the awards. The epic mini-series on HBO will likely walk away with at least half or a quarter of those awards we can get a closer look at what goes into making this such a great show.

Earlier today one of the CGI companies behind Game of Thrones released a video showing some of that behind the scenes special effects. I’m not talking about dragons and blood shed but instead the enormous task of creating the world of Westeros itself. The video shows how they managed to mesh real imagery with fictional imagery to make Westeros and other locations come alive with the full grandeur and scope we have come to expect.

CGI pros Mackevision provides the video and you may want to watch it more than once as there is so much to miss. To give you a foreword warning the opening sequence in the video shows riders on horseback going up a ridge. A transition sweeps across the screen and a castle is added in the background and so goes the rest of the video. Enjoy!

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