Android Wear gets camera support

Google has updated its Google Camera app to add support for the new Android Wear.

This new update means that users will now be able to user their Android Wear smartwatch — like the LG G Watch pr Samsung Gear Live — as a remote for the camera on your smartphone and/or tablet.

In order to launch the app on your Android Wear device, users simply have to open the Google Camera app on their device. Opening the app will prompt the smartwatch to display a slide for the remote capture ability. This slide will show the user an enlarged shutter button that a person can click in order to snap a picture. There is a countdown timer to let you prepare for the picture, and the watch will show you a preview of the picture after it’s been taken.

The update to the app is available now for all users in the Google Play Store.

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Mike’s Musings: I love the idea of camera support on the Android Wear. I would love if apps like Vine, Instagram and YouTube also added support for the new device to make capturing and uploading videos more convenient.

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