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LeBron James, Miami Heat mural vandalized (Photo)

LeBron James announced that he will re-join the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday afternoon, and Miami Heat fans did not take the news lightly.

After learning of the news, Miami Heat fans wasted no time burning some of their LeBron James jerseys.

But that wasn’t the worst of their overreaction.

A photo surfaced on social media that shows a mural of the Heat team in Miami and it has been vandalized.

The mural had LeBron James’ face blacked out thanks to one very frustrated and overemotional fan.

The worst part about all of this? The mural took two years to create.

It is always unfortunate to see fans reacting in this way, but it reminds us all that fan is short for “fanatic” and sometimes they will do crazy things.

As an added bonus, Heat owner Micky Arison was “shocked and disappointed” that LeBron James left town.

Now they know how Cleveland felt four years ago.

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