Shaq trolls himself to defend LeBron James on Instagram (Photo)

LeBron James has decided to go back to the Cleveland Cavaliers — the place where he made his name and won over legions of fans — yet this is something that some NBA fans have a problem with.

Just like in 2010 when he decided to leave his hometown team to play mercenary in Miami, some fans are crying foul the LeBron is again changing teams just four years later, even if he’s going back to the team he burned int he first place, thus righting his wrong from four years ago.

One of LeBron’s former teammates is coming to his defense though as Shaquille O’Neal sent out an Instagram message that trolled himself in an effort to defend LeBron’s decision to switch teams for the second time in his career.

We tend to forget just how many tams Shaq ended up playing on in his career and this photo serves as a hilarious reminder that no matter how many times LeBron changes teams — or anyone changes teams — it won’t be as many times as Shaq did.

Of course, it takes a certain kind of talent to bounce around the NBA as consistently as Shaq did as he was rarely in a situation that wasn’t positive for his career. That’s where James is at right now as he’s gone back to Cleveland and made everything right once again in the world of the NBA.

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