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Ashton Kutcher takes selfie in Chicago Bears hat at World Cup final (Photo)

The world is watching the World Cup final between Argentina and Germany as the two best teams in the world compete for the top honor in the sport with a host of celebrities and sports figures in attendance for the international event.

One famous person who is swept up in World Cup Fever is one of the stars of Two and a Half Men and former That 70′s Show star, Ashton Kutcher, who documented his presence at the Final in much the same way that people document their presence at things these days.

He took a selfie–with a Chicago Bears hat on–from the site of the biggest soccer game in the world.

A number of sports figures like New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady with his supermodel and Brazilian native wife Giselle and LeBron James are at the event, among others.

LeBron even referred to the World Cup Final as “bigger than the NBA Finals” and the biggest sporting event he’s been at as the international event reaches its climax with a winner to be named from Argentina or Germany.

How crazy would it be for Argentina to win the World Cup with the game played in Brazil?

That would be like the Chicago Bears winning the Super Bowl in the home of their arch rival Green Bay Packers.

Something that would make Kutcher delighted.

I wonder if he would wear a Germany jersey and take a selfie if that were to happen?

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