Jun 30, 2014; Washington, DC, USA; Washington Nationals relief pitcher Jerry Blevins (13) pitches during the ninth inning against the Colorado Rockies inning at Nationals Park. Washington Nationals defeated Colorado Rockies 7-3. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Nationals' Jerry Blevins battles fan on Twitter over water ice

The dumbest fights break out over social media. Nationals pitcher Jerry Blevins recently had the misfortune of getting into a Twitter row with a fan over water ice, of all things.

Water ice (or Italian ice), for those not familiar, is a flavored crushed-ice treat served on the East Coast, especially in Philadelphia and vicinity. Apparently some East Coast people take their water ice very seriously and get annoyed when anyone seems to disparage the product.

A Twitter user named FanSince09 thought Jerry Blevins was talking smack about water ice and decided Blevins needed a Twitter beat down. But Blevins was more than up to the task of fending off FanSince09 and the other water ice defenders who swooped in.

That’s a far more civilized ending than I expected. Almost disappointing.

But at least now Jerry Blevins is more educated on water ice. I wonder what his favorite flavor is. Bette Midler is known to prefer pineapple.

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