Jul 14, 2014; Minneapolis, MN, USA; American League infielder Adrian Beltre (29) of the Texas Rangers during workout day the day before the 2014 MLB All Star Game at Target Field. Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Adrian Beltre urges on Rangers from All-Star Game

The Texas Rangers have been one of the best teams in baseball in recent years, winning two American League championships and going to the World Series in back-to-back years.

The roster has been ravaged by injuries during the 2014 season and they’ve slipped to last place in their division. Only two Rangers made it to the All-Star Game, Adrian Beltre and pitcher Yu Darvish. Beltre is trying to rally the troops from afar.

“We know that we don’t have the team we assumed to have in spring training,” Beltre said at Monday’s All-Star Game news conferences, via ESPN Dallas. “But we still have a good enough team to compete. That does not reflect on our record. Everything we’ve done, that hasn’t been good enough.

“Obviously, these four days will be for everybody to sit back, relax, try to start over and not think about that stretch that we had.”

Beltre added: “You have to see what you can do to help the ballclub. It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday. You could be losing 20 in a row. The next game is the one you can win. You can’t sit down and feel sorry for yourself, crawl back and believe the season’s over.

“I always have that in me, that I’m trying to do whatever I can to win ballgames. I’m not going to help my team sit there and feel sorry for themselves.”

21 games out of first place pretty much has them out of any hope of contending for a division title with the exception of some insane and unrealistic runs. Still, they can play for pride and try to get out of the bottom spit in the division, which also has them dead last in all of baseball.

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