Entanglement sees evil take root in Guild Wars 2

I love a good play on words, and the new tag line for the new Guild Wars 2 Living World Episode “Entanglement” is a great example. “Evil Takes Root” isn’t just talking about the beginning of a dangerous new threat, it’s also a literal description from ArenaNet of the new kind of menace plaguing Tyria.

In the Brisban Wildlands, fast-growing vines are causing all kinds of problems, and in the town of Prosperity, only Asuran prodigy Taimi is looking into a solution. Guild Wars 2 players will have to return to Prosperity, meet up with Braham and check in on Taimi before it’s too late.

Also in Entanglement:

  • The newly revealed area of Dry Top is hiding secrets — and dangerous new foes.
  • Entanglement will be replayable after the first time through thanks to this season’s new Story Journal feature.
  • Completing both the episode and its Story Journal achievements will unlock special rewards. Unidentified Bugs can be collected in Dry Top and converted into the materials needed to craft weapons from the new Ambrite set.

Entanglement looks like a great follow-up to the Living World Season 2 debut, Gates of Maguuma, and it’s available now. Don’t let evil grow like a weed — band together with your fellow players and help contain it while it’s still somewhat manageable.

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