Jun 15, 2014; San Antonio, TX, USA; Miami Heat forward LeBron James (6) reacts to a call during the first quarter against the San Antonio Spurs in game five of the 2014 NBA Finals at AT&T Center. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James photobombed by Christ the Redeemer (Photo)

King James, meet the King of Kings.

LeBron James may be larger than life, but even he does not stand as tall as the fabled Christ the Redeemer statue, which soars high above Rio de Janeiro.

The Chosen One photobombed by the Original Chosen One?

You have to wonder what Jesus would think of LeBron’s decision to go back to Cleveland. I think Jesus would be proud of LeBron, putting family and home town loyalty above mere money.

Jesus as we know was not big on worshipping money. Or any other false idols.

LeBron James of course is a humble fellow who would be tight with Jesus. LeBron and Jesus would be homies.

I wonder if LeBron took any time to get the statue’s exact measurements for when he has his own statue erected high above Cleveland?

98 feet? That seems a little skimpy. LeBron the Returner – cause that’s what the statue will be called, natch – has to be at least 200 feet tall. Maybe 300.

Christ the Redeemer stands with arms outstretched to symbolize peace. LeBron the Returner will stand with arms outstretched to symbolize how grateful he thinks people in Cleveland should be for his decision to return to their miserable city and make them feel good about something.

LeBron can turn lousy teams into winners. Way better than Jesus, who could only turn water into wine.

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