Armed Forces Special Edition Xbox One Controller Coming Soon

Microsoft has long made a habit of giving gamers options.  Whether it be with the way their system is set up, or how their accessories look, Microsoft is committed to giving gamers the freedom to play however they choose.  Now on Xbox One, Microsoft will be allowing gamers to purchase a special edition armed forces controller and headset.

With a limited edition Titanfall controller being the only other option, outside of the standard black controller, on the Xbox One thus far, the new controller allows gamers more choice.  The special edition armed forces Xbox One controller will featured a more modern camouflage pattern and a more military style look to it.

Not only will a new controller be offered for the Xbox One, but Microsoft will also be making a headset available for purchase.

The controller will run gamers a cool $64.99 with the headset weighing in at $89.99.  Both are immediately available for preorder and will start to ship sometime in October.

While controllers and accessories aren’t exactly going to drive gamers to run to the store and pick up systems, they are definitely a nice touch and a way to allow choice to those who have already made a purchase.  Gaming companies make significantly more money on accessories than they do initial hardware, so even if the new controllers don’t sell hand over fist, it is a good move for Microsoft.

A handful of upcoming games on the Xbox One also featured military themes, so the controller plays right up the alley of fans who like to coordinate their experience.

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