ESPYs 2014: Drake sings 'Honorable Mention' and 'Side Pieces' (Video)

Drake is hosting the 2014 ESPYs and the opening monologue got off to kind of a rough start. Drake isn’t a stand up comedian and lacked some of the timing and delivery and it seemed awkward until he went into the crowd and started blowing on people.

Later in the show he did this segment unleashing the Drizzy in him and singing a couple of songs. The first one was called “Honorable Mentions” and was all about runner ups. He hilariously sang lines like Danica Patrick never winning a race, but the only NASCAR driver we recognize.

He followed that up with a song called “Side Pieces” and included lines like “side pieces, I know you’re watching this from home.” He also said that there were a lot of people in the crowd who wanted him to stop singing about it.

It was hilarious and it makes you wonder why he didn’t do the opening monologue like this. Had he done the monologue like this, Drake might have gotten rave reviews.

Then he did a rendition of “Worst Behaviour” called “Sterling Never Loved Us.” While Sterling is not off limits and deserves to be made fun of, it was odd and kind of a negative finish to an otherwise hilarious segment.

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