Spanish team signs player named Yoda, shows up in a Star Wars shirt

This might be one of the coolest sports stories of the summer. La Liga club Getafe signed a player named Karim Yoda.

Your mind might automatically draw a connection between the player’s last name and the the famous Star Wars character. Interesting that you should make that connection because a picture was tweeted out after Yoda passed a medical examination and Yoda is wearing a Star Wars shirt.

The shirt has “Yoda” in big letters with a picture of the legend himself underneath it. It makes you wonder if he is a Star Wars fan or if he got the shirt just because of the name on it.

Either way, this it made for an awesome photo. What makes the photo even better is that the other person in the picture looks like he is in jedi garb and his shaggy hair. Seriously, he could pass for an older Luke Skywalker.

[h/t] Nick Schwartz of USA Today’s For The Win

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