Jul 14, 2014; Irving, TX, USA; College football playoff executive director Bill Hancock speaks to the media at a press conference to unveil the new championship trophy at the college football playoff headquarters. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

NCAA Football: Why a 'March Madness' postseason wouldn't work

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Sing it along with me…Ding! Dong! The BCS is dead! NCAA Football has a playoff system in place at long last beginning this season.

Well, it has the start of a playoff.

Baby steps, fans. Baby steps.

With the inaugural edition of the College Football Playoff, there are going to be some growing pains, and gripes, and more growing pains, and accusations of favoritism, and more gripes, and more teams left out of the football version of the Big Dance than anyone cares to even visualize.

Anyone missing the BCS yet?

Ah, don’t worry. It’ll come. By the time we get to the point where the rubber meets the road, there will be more than a few people uttering the once-thought unthinkable phrase, “the damn BCS was even better than this garbage”.

With only four teams being chosen for the playoffs, that type of reaction is bound to happen. Everyone who didn’t lose more than one game is going to feel like their team was jobbed, and is the victim of some sort of cosmic conspiracy to keep them from playing for a championship.

That’s right…paranoia like that won’t just be limited to Boise State anymore.

After months of the gratuitous bellyaching by the shafted fans, the questions will start to mount – when will the College Football Playoff expand to 8…16…24…32 teams, and on and on and on.

The question that everyone really wants to ask, but is afraid to let cross their lips is…

“Why can’t football have a 64-team tournament like basketball? It’s worked pretty well for them.”

Well, yes it has. Almost too well. But here are six big reasons why a March Madness type postseason would never work in college football.

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