Pro Football Talk host Erik Kuselias fired from NBC Sports

Erik Kuselias has made his way through two different sports networks and he’ll be looking for a third after learning that NBC has fired him for essentially overplaying a hand he really never had to begin with. The Pro Football Talk Live host was canned by NBC for trying to get his wife, Holly Sonders as well as himself to new deals.

This may all seem like office politics but Kuselias isn’t very good at whatever he was trying. To make matter absolutely worse, Kuselias went to NBC to overplay his hand after he had already gone to FOX Sports to try and leech off the interest the network had in his wife.

Per TheBigLead:

Both of their contracts are up this year at NBC, and I’m told Kuselias got a crazy idea: He tried to sell himself and his wife as a “package deal” to Fox Sports. Fox had expressed interest in Sonders on its golf coverage, and Kuselias smelled an opportunity. But reality set in when Fox told him, “sorry, not interested.” It was a wise move by Fox Sports not taking the bait.

Then Kuselias, for some reason on edge – why he’s pushing for a package deal six months before both of their deals were up is anyone’s guess – made a mistake and went to NBC looking for the pair to get new deals.

NBC was none too pleased with the contract demands and will be now naming a new host for Pro Football Talk Live in the very near future. Kuselias had to have known his deal at NBC wasn’t going to get renewed, otherwise this runaround he gave everyone is the most embarrassing way to lose a cushy gig like being an NBC Sports host, ever.

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