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WWE only signed KENTA for WWE Network subscriptions in Japan?

A lot of independent wrestling fans throughout the world were ecstatic this past week with the announcement that the company had finally come to terms with, and signed, Japanese superstar KENTA. He truly is one of the more talented in the business throughout the world, but was there an ulterior motive behind the deal?

We’re dealing with WWE here, so of course there was. And, not surprisingly, it deals with a finances and the WWE Network.

According to the Wrestling Observer, the reason that the company initiated the deal was because the network will soon be launching in Japan, so why not grab their biggest superstar?

According to The Wrestling Observer, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to WWE signing KENTA, and him joining the company is more than a simple talent signing.

A major reason why WWE signed KENTA is because the WWE Network will be launching in Japan next year, and the company has wanted a top Japanese star to help with WWE’s expansion in the market.

In actuality, this should surprise no one. Generally speaking, folks with the pedigree of KENTA don’t normally work out in WWE. Plus, as many have already pointed out, his inability to speak English holds him back as well.

But, with the financial hole the company is currently in, they needed to get this done.

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