ESPY 2014: Drake vs Blake Griffin skit (Video)

The 2014 ESPYs was certainly an event to remember. Rapper Drake hosted the event and the opening monologue got off to a rough start. The opening joke about him being a bandwagon fan was funny, and self-deprecating.

After that the stand up comedy just wasn’t working for him, it just isn’t his thing. He recovered with a skit that had him going into the audience to blow in people’s ear on the “Lance Stephenson blow cam,” a version of the kiss cam you see in arenas around the country.

What really changed the momentum and got the show started for Drake was a skit about him staring in a movie alongside Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin. What starts as a friendly debate about who gets top billing, turns into an all out rivalry.

The back and forth and pranks are hilarious and the skit features a cameo from Chris Brown, who teams up with Blake to come after Drake. That is hilarious given the reported “beef” between Chris Brown and Drake over the years.

Eventually they start dressing like each other to try and make one another look bad in public. It was hilarious.

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