Ohio groomsmen wear LeBron James jerseys in photo

Ohio residents and Cleveland Cavaliers fans are excited that LeBron James is returning and celebrating in various ways. One thing is for certain, every Cavaliers fan is dusting of his old James’ Cavaliers jersey.

Nick Jones and Christa Deckard were getting married shortly after the announcement, and the wedding party decided to make LeBron James return a permanent fixture in the tale of their union. The groomsmen all pulled out their LeBron James jerseys and wore them in one photo, and only two are wearing the same jersey which is all the more incredible.

One is even wearing James high school jersey. The wedding took place at St. Vincent Catholic Church in James’ hometown of Akron, Ohio. I’m assuming it is the groom up front not wearing a James’ jersey, but he is tossing chalk up into the air like James’ famous pre-game ritual.

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