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Sting to WWE: Vince McMahon now teases Sting debut

Okay, the games from either WWE, Sting, or both really need to end. But it seems as if everyone with validity in this whole situation loves to play mind games, and now the man himself, Vince McMahon has gotten in on the fun as he is the latest to tease the debut of the legend on Thursday.

Although he doesn’t use it often, McMahon took to his twitter account today and he clearly teased fans being able to see Sting on WWE television sooner rather than later.

Again, now we can all see that everyone is just playing games.

WWE announced with a very well done vignette this Monday on RAW that Sting would be included in the upcoming WWE 2K15 video game, meaning that they have some sort of mutual agreement in place to work with one another. As for a full-fledged contract in place, Sting has recently denied those rumors, although all signs at this point are that we will see him soon.

For the few people that might not know, Sting has never once stepped foot inside a WWE ring, nor worked for Vince McMahon before during his historical career. That’s what made part of his legacy so special, he never needed the WWE machine to become one of the greatest of all-time.

We still have a little bit to wait, but it appears as if we’re dangerously close to finally getting what we’ve wanted for all these years.

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  • Kyle

    Well I hope he gets into a feud with the authority, flexing the crow gimmick would be awesome

  • Big john

    That’s a lie sting was on wwe back when wwe bought wcw simulcast last wcw bout vs ric flair. Just saying

    • Big Daddy

      He was not employed by WWE. His contract was with WCW/Time Warner and he walked away after that match with Flair. In fact, the night that episode of WCW Nitro aired, the agreement to buy WCW hadn’t been signed – it was a verbal agreement. FYI… I worked for Time Warner at the time.

      • Big john

        It was still simulcasted as a wwe event Vince mc Mahon started nitro that night is all I’m saying BD.

        • Ben Landwehr

          That means nothing. He was simply on WWE TV. Not a part of them, though.

  • Dan Westrick

    he just signed up for next season of legend house, LOL

  • Michael West

    I thought Sting had some integrity but I guess the WWE Dollar has the power has the power to make people U-Turn. I was sure Sting always said he’d rather be dead the ever work for Vince McMahon. I really never thought Sting could be bought & that can be his only reason for crossing over to become a minion of Darth Vince. Lost all respect for him.

    • Patrick

      never say never, ultimate warrior said he’d never come back, bret hart said he’d never come back, bruno samartino said he’d never be in the wwe but he did. Sting is an icon, he had the creditibity to not join the wwe when they bought wcw. Sting has always been about the fans and the fans want him in a wwe ring. He isn’t selling out or anything like that. When you have been in the business as long as he has, you can’t just walk away from it. My personal opionion is that he wasn’t being used right on TNA and it was starting to look alot like wcw again. So to say you have lost respect for him is something a loser would say, I hope he comes to your door and gives you the scropion death lock

  • Brandon Roberts

    sting/authority fued ftw

  • Mick Daley

    WWE fans used to mock TNA for taking on old WWE wrestlers. I wonder how they feel, now so many of them have gone, or are going back to WWE , at an even older age. Flair,Hogan,Sting,RVD,Foley and possibly more to follow.

    • farleydave3

      Flair, Hogan and Foley aren’t coming in to wrestle though, and no one wants to see that.

  • Michael Webb

    Sting sold out big time

  • Mira Prower

    Doubt it, stop posting stuff thats not true

  • Justin Oresik

    aren’t there multiple Stings? is the current Sting actually junior replacing his dad? idk I don’t follow pro wrestling much

    • Mark

      No, that’s NWO Sting

    • Anthony EL Flow

      you sir are an idiot for asking such a dumb question