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Walter White bobblehead gets launched into space then crashes (Video)

It is hard to believe that we are almost one year removed from the series finale of the AMC hit show “Breaking Bad.” Luckily, we were in for a treat when the folks from tvtag created a fantastic video featuring a Walter White bobblehead.

First of all, a Walter White bobblehead is awesome, especially when the figure is dressed up in the hazmat suit, but it is even greater when sent into space.

When you add in some filming to go along with the Walter White bobblehead in space, you have one of the greatest YouTube videos in recent memory.

Unfortunately, just like the television series, all good things must come to an end.

That is exactly what happened when the White bobblehead came crashing back down to Earth before meeting its unfortunate fate on the ground in Wyoming.

And as our duty to the Internet, here is the Walter White bobblehead’s final moments in the most perfect way possible:

If you want to see the entire journey of the Walter White bobblehead taking off into space, you can check out the video from tvtag below:

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