Xbox Live experiencing outages

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It looks like competition has decided to play nicely today.  While earlier we reported that the PlayStation Network was experiencing difficulties, mainly due to the release of the Destiny beta, it now seems that Microsoft’s Xbox Live is undergoing problems of its own.

While Microsoft’s problems are almost assuredly not linked to Destiny (the beta doesn’t start on Xbox consoles until next week), it could stand to reason that all of those affected PlayStation users have dusted off their Xbox gaming consoles for the time being.

In all seriousness however, the outage for Xbox Live seems to be widespread.  Confirmed by the Microsoft Xbox Live services page, the outage is not only limited to consoles.  Both purchases as well as online functions in games are affected.  Also, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC functionalities of Xbox Live looked to be not currently working for users.

The ability to sign into Xbox Live also appears to be down at the moment.

At this time, Microsoft has not yet released any sort of statement or comment as to what is causing the issue.  Obviously Xbox Live being down isn’t a first, but the timing is rather confusing.  With no blockbuster titles having released for weeks on the Xbox One, the lack of service seems to be quite odd.

Considering Microsoft wanted to initially make the Xbox One an always online console, slip ups like this are not a great thing for the gaming company.  Regardless of the fact that it never happened, these sort of issues seem to substantiate gamers claims that if would have been little more than a debacle had Microsoft gone through with it.

Stay tuned as to when Xbox Live is back up and running.  We expect Microsoft to comment on and rectify the issue shortly.  In the meantime, some offline action is your best bet.

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