Battlefield: Hardline continuing with improvements

The Battlefield: Hardline beta was largely a success in terms of what Electronic Arts and Visceral Games had hoped to get out of the game.  While it was a chance for gamers to get their hands on the upcoming game, it was more for Electronic Arts to be able to tweak the final product towards perfection.  With the latest updates, it sounds like both Ea and Visceral are doing their best to put their best foot forward.

Battlefield: Hardline has continued with a “Community’s Most Wanted List” since the conclusion of the beta.  Visceral discusses some changes to Battlefield: Hardline that have been influenced by community feedback.

Pacing as well as the feel of the game should change with explosives being toned down also involving them less frequently but with more realistic impacts.

Also, the HUD, customization screen, and audio will see improvements in hopes of a more effective delivery of important information.  The Mechanic class will also see an overhaul and become more versatile the next time gamers have a chance to go hands on with Hardline.  However, Visceral is looking for a new name for the class, as Mechanic is being scrapped.

Finally, rounds will last longer in the final version, and thanks to some added interactive objects, the gameplay should feel more immersive than ever.

While Electronic Arts has long come under fire for listening to suggestions and making an attempt to employ them without actually doing so, we can bet after the Battlefield 4 debacle, the company is putting its best foot forward.  Battlefield: Hardline is shaping up to be a strong turn away from the war-torn storyline, and another solid entrant into the series.


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