Weird Al Yankovic in his new video "Sports Song" off the album "Mandatory Fun." Photo Credit: RCA Records

Check out the new Weird Al video Sports Song (Video)

Al Yankovic, otherwise known to fans as “Weird Al,” released his brand new album Mandatory Fun on Tuesday and has been on a roll when it comes to keeping his fans laughing ever since.

Earlier this week, we showed you the videos for two of his videos; “Tacky,” which is a parody of the ridiculously popular and addicting tune “Happy” by Pharrell Williams from the film Despicable Me 2 and “Foil,” which is a hilarious parody of the song “Royals” by Lorde.

Now, he has a new type of song out by the name of “Sports Song.”

This one was written entirely by Weird Al and is set to the theme of your typical High School Band sports anthem. In the video, Weird Al plays the role of the band leader who has a knack for antagonistic vocabulary.

I have always been a fan of the traditional band music, and I would say that Weird Al hit this one on the head pretty well. He goes out of his way to antagonize the opposing team by hurling insults at them in the most polite way you can possibly imagine. The worst way to receive a burn is with a smile on someone’s face.

Why don’t you take a look for yourselves? Here is a look at the latest video entitled “Sports Song” from Weird Al Yankovic from his new album Mandatory Fun.

Mandatory Fun is available for download now in places like Amazon and iTunes.


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