Id shows off new Doom

Doom once paved the way for the shooter genre, however, saying once is to leave out that in fact that was many years ago.  Doom has failed to be anywhere near relevant amongst the genre for quite some time, but it appears that gaming company Id Software is hoping to change that fact.  Yesterday, at QuakeCon, the company unveiled the next Doom.

While currently only entitled Doom, we’d expect a more fully fleshed out title upon release.  Id Software didn’t release any screenshots or assets for the new game, but Geoff Keighley, host of GameTrailers TV, had this to say on his Twitter account.

Tweet 1:

“Doom is an origin game. Fast paced combat. Set outside of UAC research facility on Mars being invaded be forces of evil.”

Tweet 2:

“Today’s Doom reveal is focused on showcasing combat. New cyber demon concept art shown.”

Tweet 3:

“Melee combat is a big part of the new Doom.”

Tweet 4:

“Doom is built on id tech 6, 1080p 60 fps. Single player demo today.”

Obviously this early in any games’ life cycle, things are difficult to predict.  That being said, Doom has been of little relevance of late, and arguably was most intriguing when the original was released as a downloadable arcade title back on the Xbox 360.  With a game that has such a long heritage, and is so well-respected, it would be nice to see Id Software return the series to its former glory.

At this point, we will have to wait and see in regards to how things take shape, and temper expectations until we know more of what to expect.

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