Microsoft unveils the August Xbox One update

Microsoft has shifted back and forth on quite a few principles surrounding the Xbox One, however, one place they have stuck to their guns, is continued improvement of the console in large part due to feedback from users.  Microsoft has done a great job of sticking to monthly updates, and the August update to the Xbox One could be one of the best yet.

While August is still a few weeks away, those apart of the preview program will get a chance to do a test run of the new software.

In the August update, Microsoft is giving the friends list a more powerful position on the home screen.  The experience as a whole will become significantly more interactive.  Not only will gamers know when their friends were last online and what they were playing, but achievements will also be shown on the home menu as well.

Sticking to social norms, the August update will also show trending titles, that way gamers know what games they are missing out on.  In a further form of immersion, “like” and comment features will be added to the feed as well.


For controllers, a low battery notification will alert gamers of impending disconnection.  The notice will appear on the screen in plenty of time for gamers to make the battery swap.

On the video side, the August update will allow for notifications to be turned off on the Xbox One while video playback is rolling.  Also, 3D video playback will now e an option on the Xbox One thanks to the August update.

Should you be a part of the preview program, check out the updates in the coming days.  If not, look forward to the overhaul of the August update in the coming weeks.

While Microsoft can be faulted for changing some of their stances with the Xbox One, the monthly updates, and in large part the August update, suggest the console is a breathing machine that just continues to get better.

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