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Madden 15: 'Legion of Boom' will appear on welcome screen

If the cover of each year’s Madden NFL video game is supposed to reflect one of the top stories of the season that just passed, then the Seattle Seahawks’ secondary most certainly deserves to be recognized.

It was appropriate, then, when controversial but unquestionably dominant cornerback Richard Sherman won the cover vote and was placed on the cover of Madden NFL 15. There was just one problem, though. Sherman believed that his colleagues in the Seattle secondary, known affectionately as the ‘Legion of Boom’, should be on that cover with him.

This opinion resulted in something of a push that not just Sherman, but the unit, should be on the cover.

As a side note and in case anybody finds this to be an interesting opinion, if it is based purely on quality of play then I believe that EA Sports would have been better off just replacing Sherman with Earl Thomas. Nevertheless, Sherman is on the cover.

EA Sports did hear the cries of the people, however, and they have struck something of a compromise. Citing a lack of time to put more than one player on the cover, EA will feature the entire Legion of Boom on the welcome screen. From their web site:

Now the good news! We wanted to give the LOB their just due, and do it in a way that was special—a way where millions of fans would see it every single day, just like a cover. Historically, the start screen in Madden (and all our EA SPORTS games) has featured our cover art. This year, we’re going to feature the entire Legion of Boom on the welcome screen. One of the major areas of focus for Madden NFL 15 is defense, and what better way to introduce you to the game than with the guys who are changing the face of defense in the NFL.

EA then goes on to address the ’12th man’ directly, acknowledging their passion with a statement that seems to imply that the company must have been blown up with messages from angry Seahawks’ fans.

No cover, but the ‘Legion of Boom’ is on the welcome screen. Will that be enough? One thing is for certain. We will know soon enough once Seahawks’ fans express their rather loud opinions on the matter.

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