Nationals' Bryce Harper comes up short sliding into first (GIF)

Washington Nationals slugger Bryce Harper got caught too far off the bag during a game against the Milwaukee Brewers on Sunday. With a large lead, Brewers pitcher Yovani Gallardo threw over to first baseman Mark Reynolds. Harper tried to slide back to first base but came up short, allowing Reynolds to step over and tag him out rather effortlessly.

It is pretty funny to watch happen.

Does it remind you of anything? Perhaps a scene from a certain famous movie?

As Bleacher Report pointed out, it is similar to a scene from the Major League movie when Willie Mays Hayes slides into second but stops sliding short of the bag. Harper’s isntance though looks less like a slide and more like a belly flop.

The way he kind of lingered there hunched over almost suggests he got the wind knocked out of him a bit.

Bleacher Report

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