Tetris Ultimate bringing new modes

Few games can continue to be rehashed and continue to come out as fresh and exciting as ever.  However, Ubisoft has helped Tetris Ultimate to do just that, without totally reinventing the wheel.

Tetris has been around for 30 years, and while the blocks remain the same, the experience continues to grow.  Today, Ubisoft announced that Tetris Ultimate will be headed to Nintendo 3DS and will feature four exclusive new game modes as well.

Ultimate’s four new modes will include Rotation Lock, Invisible, Master, and Escalation.

Obviously Rotation Lock and Invisible are self-explanatory.  While they are, even the best Tetris players should struggle with those two modes.  Master mode will have each Tetromino drop instantly, removing the ability for the gamer to guide pieces into place.  Escalation will require players to remove more lines in order to continue to advance through the game.

On the Nintendo 3DS, gamers will be able to record and share replays on Tetris Ultimate.  With the new and increasingly difficult game modes, this could be a vital way to share and compare strategies to progress in the game.

The 3Ds will of course reap all of the standard game modes as well, such as endless and sprint modes.  Rounding out the offerings, there will be two online battle modes for the Nintendo 3DS version.  Battle Mode Ultimate will feature power ups to gain an advantage on your competitor.

Tetris Ultimate is slated for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this summer, while it will debut this fall for the Nintendo 3DS, Vita, and PC.

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