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Leonys Martin robs Brian McCann of a home run (Video)

In a 2014 season that has mostly been filled with injuries and despair for the Texas Rangers, center fielder Leonys Martin is trying to bring some semblance of joy to the franchise and its loyal fans.

Brian McCann and his lack of spectacles, lack of production, and lack of endorsement from the New York Yankees’ fan base strode to the plate in the bottom of the second inning of Tuesday night’s game between the Rangers and the Yankees.

With minimal murmurs from the crowd and no excitement to be found, McCann ran into a pitch on the inside part of the plate. Presumably confounded and also excited by the authoritative crack of the bat, all eyes in the stadium set on McCann’s shot that seemed destined for the right-center field seats.

Wearing a blue glove on his left hand and striding with determination in his heart, Martin bounded for the wall. Sensing the situation and knowing when he was near said outfield wall, Martin adjusted his route and then leaped. His initial goal was realized, as he successfully robbed McCann of a home run.

What he did not do initially, however, was catch the baseball. That didn’t come until a second later and after a couple juggles. But catch it Martin did, to the dismay and confusion of McCann as he reached second base.

Check out video of Martin’s catch below, courtesy of

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