Promotional Poster for the film "Hitman." Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox

Comic Con 2014: Hitman Agent 47 banner revealed (Photo)

Comic Con is the place where you want to reveal the best of what you have to offer when it comes to your upcoming film and the folks behind the Hitman sequel no one asked for are first in line to reveal some new material to the masses.

On the first night of Comic Con, 20th Century Fox has revealed our first look at Hitman: Agent 47 which is the sequel to the original film Hitman which itself is based off the award winning video game series of the same name.

Here’s the first official look at the film from Comic Con:


Coming Soon provides some background on just who Agent 47 is and what the film could likely be about:

His name comes from the last two digits of a bar code on the back of his head – 640509-040147. He is a tall, bald, blue-eyed, no-nonsense individual and usually wears a suit with black leather gloves and a red tie and is known to disguise himself. Engineered from conception to be the perfect killer, 47’s strength, speed, and intellect are above the human norm.

Rupert Friend is stepping into the role that Timothy Olyphant originally played and the role that Paul Walker was slated to step into before he died in a car accident back in late 2013. There’s hope that the film will be a lot better than the abysmal first installment, but there’s really nothing to lose considering no one remembers the first movie anyways.

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