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Game of Thrones: Lady Stoneheart details to be revealed at Comic Con?

Comic Con is this week and that means we’re going to be seeing plenty of new material from a slew of upcoming films set to be released over the next two years.

Game of Thrones is basically as close as television can come to being cinematic without actually being a miniseries or a TV movie and it’s going to once again be a hit at Comic Con when the series arrives later this week.

According to Variety, here could be some major casting news for Game of Thrones announced later this week at Comic Con and one of the biggest questions fans have following the ending of season four is the whereabouts of Lady Stoneheart. That could be something that gets touched upon by HBO this week.

Expect those casting reveals and a few more (such as Bronn’s new bride, Lady Lollys Stokeworth; religious leader The High Sparrow; Oberyn’s brother, Prince Doran, and his bodyguard, Areo Hotah, and other members of the Martell clan) and hopefully a comment from the producers on the whereabouts of Lady Stoneheart.

Fans were wondering of the season four finale would include Lady Stoneheart or any mention of her, but hopefully things can get cleared up a bit this week as Comic Con.

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