Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller in the Season 6 Finale of 'Sons of Anarchy' entitled 'A Mother's Work'. Photo Credit: FX

Sons of Anarchy: Charlie Hunnam says he doesn't care about the Emmy Awards

The final season of the hit FX series Sons of Anarchy is right around the corner and with it may bring some Emmy nominations for the first time in the show’s seven year run.


Despite having a massive fan following and containing some of the tightest and well acted writing on television, Sons of Anarchy has not garnered a single Emmy nomination which is now almost serving as a badge of honor for those involved in the show.

Series star Charlie Hunnam recently spoke the television critics about the lack of love from the Emmy Awards — and thusly television critics — and blunty said that he simply does not care about what the Emmy voters think about Sons of Anarchy.

Per the Toronto Sun:

“Lest we forget, it doesn’t matter at all. I feel there’s this perception that we’re upset about this and. . . . I really don’t give a s—,” he told television critics. “I make this for the people that watch the show, and I really care for me about the work that I do and for my friends that watch it. People don’t appreciate it. You can’t win them all.”

The show’s creator, Kurt Sutter, has on more than one occasion gone on a tirade about how stupid he thinks the Emmys are for ignoring his show and while he’s right, that likely didn’t help him get in the good graces of the voters. Still, that’s just not how Sons of Anarchy rolls and Hunnam’s classic response to the Emmy snubs will only help fans love him even more.

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