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Kansas City Royals trade rumors: Dayton Moore not planning to sell

The window is closing on the Kansas City Royals and their plan to win now. When the end of the 2014 season arrives, this team will have to face that reality and assess the success of that plan accordingly.

As things stand now, that plan has not worked out that well. A promising Royals team failed to reach the postseason in 2013, and with a 50-50 record, the team sits in third place in the American League Central and still a ways from a potential playoff berth. There is still a definite possibility that they make the playoffs.

If they don’t, would they consider selling to start rebuilding for whatever next season holds? According to general manager Dayton Moore, that is not a path the Royals wish to pursue (from the Kansas City Star):

“All of our success in this organization is tied together,” he told The Star in a telephone conversation. “We’ve fought through some challenging times in the past. We’ll do it again. Together.”

The Royals might continue to be buyers, if anything, with the trade deadline one week away. How much of a difference that could make in the crowded playoff picture remains to be seen, but it could reasonably be argued that the Royals cannot afford to do anything other than see this one through.

They might be inactive at the trade deadline, but one thing seems certain: if the Royals do anything, it won’t be selling to other contenders. They will worry about 2015 when the time comes.

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