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From New York City FC's Twitter account @NYCFC

New York City FC introduce Frank Lampard

New York City FC introduced Frank Lampard on Thursday at a press conference in Brooklyn. In the press conference, Lampard was asked why he chose NYC FC over other clubs.

“Why not choose New York City?” Lampard asked back.

“Talking about it ticking all the boxes, personally, for me, it does exactly the same.

“It’s a very exciting challenge for me in life terms.

“I’ve seen a real long-term plan and I wanted to be part of that. I want to test myself, I want to carry on challenging myself.

“I had a fantastic 13 years with Chelsea that I can look back with pride upon. It was a good time for myself and Chelsea that I moved on.”

Lampard also said that he did not talk to former England star David Beckham, who made the move to Major League soccer years ago, about him making the jump. He did say that they had talked about it in the past in general conversation, but not specifically about this decision.

“I know David pretty well, but we’re not on every day speaking terms,” he said.

“I’ve spoken to him about his experiences in the MLS but the decision was all mine.

“There’s a lot of new challenges here. I’m coming to a great city and I wanted to show people that I can play good football.”

The team will play in Yankee Stadium when the 2015 MLS season stars, New York City’s first in the league. In the mean time it is about staying fit and in shape while he waits, and could potentially be loaned out.

“I’m going to keep fit, that’s the main thing,” he said. “How I do that is not clear yet.

“I’m going to sit round with people at the club and sort that out.”

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