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WWE star John Cena: Life would be better if I turn heel

The good portion of the internet wrestling community at this point is sick of John Cena. They’re tired of watching him overcome all the odds, and they’re certainly tired of seeing him hold the WWE championship. But folks believe that everything would be better if Cena would turn heel and freshen up his character a bit.

Well, maybe Cena believes that as well.

In a tweet early Friday morning, Cena, while warning the internet that it was coming, tweeted that life would be better if he could just turn heel already.

Well this is certainly interesting. While some will point out that Cena is doing nothing more than having fun with the people, he’s never one to just randomly tweet something out like this. He has had fun with the people before on some subjects, but never something as serious as a heel turn.

Whatever the case may be, there are still some that say he will never, ever make the sort of turn that Hulk Hogan did back in 1996 when he joined the nWo. But this is the wrestling business, and in the end, you never truly know.

What do you think? Was Cena just trolling, or was he testing the waters?

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